Robotex: Here We Come!


Arro Founder's Zubin Khanna will be going to Robotex in Estonia to be part of the Entrepreneurial challenge and show everyone the Arro's prototype on Dec 2 in Tallinn. Come by to say Hi!

If you want to join the challenge, here are the rules:

The competition schedule at the venue of the competition consists of the following stages:

  • Pitching – The team presents its prototype or product`s business plan to the judges and other interested parties. A team pitch will last for 3 minutes, during which the team will sell its idea/product/service to the spectators. If possible, teams will be briefed on pitching, giving teams guidance on how to best do their pitching. On the first day of the competition, there will be pitches from all teams, which will give everyone the opportunity to listen, while the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions to the teams. One to two team members from one team can attend the pitching.
  • Presentations to the Expert Council (is only implemented if necessary, it’s an additional opportunity). Each team introduces a prototype or a copy of a product to the experts within 15 minutes in a separate room. All members of the team can participate in the presentation made to the Expert Council.
  • Presenting projects to the visitors – All teams are required to present their project to visitors of the competition on all days and collect to their projects through the information boards as many likes as possible from the visitors.
  • Evaluation – Judges will evaluate the projects of all teams during 3 days of the competition.

See ya!

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