Zubin Khanna

Zubin is Founder of Arro, a friendly robot that delivers water and healthy snacks to sporty kids! He is a 2nd grader at United World College (UWC) in Singapore. He loves to tinker with electronics and 3D printing, and codes in basic Python to make his robot smarter. He is founder of Boombotics, a robotics club for kids in Singapore. Zubin is a maker who enjoys always tinkering with anything he can find around the house.

His favourite sport is soccer. He plays for the Barcelona Club in Singapore and went to China and Barcelona to participate in the regional and global competitions with his team. He even met Lionel Messi in Barcelona!

Zubin is the Singaporean Ambassador of Robotex, the biggest robotics festival in the world headquartered in Estonia.

Zubin regularly travels with his family and loves visiting sports teams, events and museums, and speaking to kids who are sporty of all ages. He will be posting these Zubin’s World of Sports stories on Arro's website.




Jonathan is a tech- and education-enthusiast who spends most of his time tinkering with electronics and code. A graduate of National University of Singapore (NUS), he curates kids tech curricula, and coaches Zubin on engineering aspects as he builds Arro and its features.



Rohit studied computer science at National University of Singapore (NUS) and ETH Zurich. He works at a fintech company in Singapore and coaches Zubin on python and algorithms to add intelligence to Arro. He loves traveling, hiking and writing.

Jun Kang, COACH


Jun Kang graduated cum laude from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and is a robotics product specialist. He is also skilled in 3D design and fabrication, electronics design and programming. He guides and mentors Zubin on Arro’s development and prototyping.